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Dating Rule : Why You Should Flaunt Your Flaws On A Date

Are You Crazy?

Sounds crazy right? Flaunting your flaws while out on a date. But there’s a trick to this that just makes you seem a hundred times more attractive in the eyes of your date when done properly. Want to know how? Then read on (:

Look Honey, I Suck At Dates!

Alright, how would the above sentence sound to you when your date tells you that? What’s the first impression you get of them? Honesty, trustworthiness, a little cuteness, yes? And guess what, no matter how much your date messes up during the date, you wouldn’t be bothered at all, as he / she did after all, tell you that they sucked at online dates, yes? At the end of the date, despite all his / her clumsiness in their dating etiquettes, their horrible attempts at impressing you and all, you still find them really likable because of the honesty and trustworthiness they displayed at the start of the online dating.

Now, reverse the shituation around and contrast it with this : Your date doesn’t tell you that they’re lousy on dates, and they try hard to impress you i.e. snap their fingers at waiters, whistle for them to come, juggle the cutlery (hey it could happen) and you’re thoroughly unimpressed, in fact, you’re offended by their rudeness and by their horrible juggling skills, you end the date with a horrible impression of them and vow never to go out with them again.

Spotted The Difference?

See the difference? Same series of events, but vastly different outcomes. And the decisive factor? The flaunting of their flaws at the start of the date, and you know what makes this tactic even better? It’s that in the first scenario, if your date manages to successfully pull one impressive stunt off, it’ll seem twice as impressive to you since they just admitted they were lousy at it, yes, this makes whatever ensuing matter, as long as it falls vaguely in the same category as what flaws their flaunted in front of you, to be a hundred times more impressive than if they had just done so without telling you their weaknesses beforehand. Amazing eh?

Choose Wisely, My Friend.

Yes, choose wisely which flaws you wish to flaunt in front of your date, you don’t want to flaunt the fact that you’re a full-time snatch thief (you really shouldn’t be in the first place) or anything that just generally seems bad from the mere outlook (i.e. government workers) to your date, do you? However, flaunting your flaws of your shyness, for example, would make you seem twice as impressive when you finally open up to your date, or flaunting your flaws on your fears of commitment, for example, would make the moment twice as wonderful when you finally let your date into your heart and get into a committed relationship. Get my drift? (:

The Most Important Part Of A Relationship

There are many parts in a relationship, the romance, the work, the friendship, the quarrels and more, and each one is no doubt crucially important, however, there’s one part that simply stands out the most and it’s an absolute necessity if you’re looking for a relationship that lasts, is fun and fulfilling. So, which part is it?

The Friendship Phase

Every relationship usually builds up from a friendship, unless you’re stuck in the culture of arranged marriages (my extended sympathies), the friendship phase can range from a 5 minute talk over a mug of beer, to a 2 year friendship, it’s basically defined as the time span you both spend together before letting the romance kick in and getting into a relationship. And there’s a very simple equation that relates the time span of a friendship to the happiness, longevity and successfulness of a relationship. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS SO CONTINUE READING *your computer grows arms and grabs your head forcing you to continue reading*

Longevity In Friendship = (directly proportional) to Successfulness, Longevity and Happiness In A Relation

Yup, as much as you all hate reading it, i’m sure the majority of you all already know this, but fail to acknowledge it. The friendship phase before a relationship is absolutely crucial, it’s the very foundation of the relationship, it’s what holds the relationship togther through good times (if you have an uncanny ability to mess up all good times of course) and bad times.

So, if you want a relationship that lasts, makes you happy and fulfilled, you have to take my advice on this : Give every relationship that you intend to get into a friendship phase of at least 1 month if you’re impatient, 3 months if you’re patient, and a year if you’re really serious about your next relationship being your last.


So Godspeed spiderman to all you all who are setting out on your quest to get a good long lasting relationship, may the force be with you. But in any case where the force doesn’t magically clear any uncertainties that you might have, don’t hesitate in asking me or the readers of this website any question at all, cheers (:


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